Please note that due to our open kitchen and strict food safety requirements, it is unfortunately not allowed to bring pets.




Gio’s will bring his own vibes and unique creations to the NDSM docks. 70’s Chique, Intriguing and full of Life is what describes Gio’s by the River best.

Where the interior is extravagant, the menu excels in Italian simplicity.  The dishes originate in different parts of Italy - from Lazio, to Piedmont and Calabria - and are prepared with nothing but the very best ingredients.

And ofcourse, there is a great cocktail menu to complete the experience. La Dolce Vita at its finest at Gio's by the River, the conviviality and approachable character make every guest feel special here, but also immediately at home.

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Gio's by the river is a local labor of love. An exquisitely new and hot Italian restaurant with a long family history of passionate chefs.

It all started years ago when I arrived in Amsterdam together with my mama Lolo. Our hearts were devoted to sharing our own touch of Italian cuisine to Holland, along with suitcases full of books with Nonna's original recipes. 

Now, the time has finally come. I will follow my own path and continue my family legacy by bringing these exceptionally authentic Italian flavours to my own restaurant alongside the beautiful waters of Amsterdam-Noord.

Our menu is a harmony of original and truly delicious Italian flavours, crafted with extreme passion and precision to every detail. Every bite will bring you straight to la Bella Italia. All our ingredients are carefully sourced and our recipes are prepared with true amore. Our variety of dishes offer something for every palate.


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Hey you! We are always on the lookout for new members for our family. If you have an amazing personality, grew up with a love for pasta, know that homemade pasta is absolutely the best, and if you're able to touch your nose with your tongue while singing "A fare l'amore comincia tu", then don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Are you a master of mixology with a passion for shaking up sensational cocktails? Able to showcase your flair and finesse behind the bar? All that while keeping a positive attitude and a passion for creating memorable experiences? Then don't miss out on the chance to become our next star bartender.  

‘So good to see you, my love. I’ve missed you. Sit down, sit down. Negroni Sbagliato, right? Gio knows. Let me take your coat. You just relax and take it easy.’